Virtual Table Tennis for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Virtual table tennis 3D

If you’re a fan of Ping-Pong or rather table tennis, or whatever else you may call it then you might just love this game we’re reviewing today. The game in its earliest days was played in garages across the world, then one day some bright spark decided to have it included in the Olympics and nobody has looked back since. This version of the game is a 3D version of the simulation game and is available on our beloved Nokia N8 mobile phone.

Those of us who have a love for tennis but don’t have the court to boot, table tennis is the ideal solution – a mere miniature version of the popular sport and Virtual Table Tennis will fill the void left by not being able to play its big brothers counter-part.

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For those of you not accustomed to table tennis / ping-ping then the rules are relatively simple. Player take turns in serving their ping-pong ball and the first one to get to 11 points will win the game. If you ever have a game where both players reach 10 points, this is called deuce – the winner will now be the first one to win two points in a row – just like in normal tennis.

Virtual Table Tennis 3D is a very simplistic game that has depth, though lacks a few options that you may come to expect from these types of games. There is a stripped down world tournament mode, which is your only means of a competitive game. You are given the choice between ten countries, choose one and you will have to progress through the tournament with the selected country. There will be three skill levels as you progress and these will incrementally improve your opponents speed and tactics, making it increasingly harder for you to beat your opponents (duh).

The game is enjoyable and isn’t very complicated or too in-depth, however given the nature of the game it does demand every last ounce of your attention. The main issue comes in the form of limitations of the touch screen devices. You are required to maintain contact with the screen at all times, which is slightly bothersome. As your finger is flinging from side to side across the screen, you will eventually find that your finger will eventually stick to the screen annoyingly.

In order to get most out of Virtual Table Tennis for the Nokia N8 you are better using your thumbs, as your other fingers offer either obstruction or a not-so-fast gameplay, resulting in you not being fast enough to hit your opponents shot hurtling towards you.

It’s not a bad game and is probably worth the money if you like Ping-Pong, Table Tennis or whatever other name this game have.

Price: €1.50 / £1.50
Download: Virtual Table Tennis for the Nokia N8