Voyager homescreen for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Voyager homescreen

If you’re bored of the default Nokia N8 then Voyager would give your phone a whole new dimension. The excellent thing about this application is that you never see the original homescreen until you exit the Voyager application, it stays running in the background and is invisible to the task manager as it runs as a hidden process. It gives the phone the feel of a totally new homescreen without making it feel ‘fake’.

Voyager homescreen is similar to other applications in the homescreen category, though having said that there’s not too many of the floating around the web-o-sphere at the moment. Voyager almost tries to replicate the Android and iPhone homescreens and does a rather good job in doing just that. The application applies its implementation very well and has an excellent and sleek appearance that takes your Nokia N8 to the next level.

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You can send Tweets right from your homescreen, giving you an easier way to keep your followers updated on the Nokia N8. There are even easy-access one-click widgets such as the Bluetooth widget, simply tap it once and your Bluetooth is enabled or disabled, depending on its current setting – also turn your phone into silent mode and even lock your phone.

Another impressive feature of this application is its ability to change the background and change the layout of the icons – simply tap and hold the icon and you can drag and drop at will, just like with the Android and iPhone. If you ever find yourself running out of homescreens, you can simply download another as and when required – they’re kinda like add-ons. You start off with two homescreens pre-installed with the application and you have the ability to download and use an additional two, making the homescreen count to four.

The only serious issue i’ve come across with Voyager for the Nokia N8 is when you tap and hold the icons to re-arrange the, after they start vibrating and then once you’ve finished re-arranging, there is no way to stop the vibrating with ease. If this happens to you, try going back to the main ‘normal’ menu – if that doesn’t relieve the problem then you will have to restart your Nokia N8, but the first option should work just fine.

If you’ve downloaded and used Voyager for the Nokia N8, let us know how it works for you and if you prefer it more than the original Symbian^3 homescreens. I personally find it very elegant and useful, but that’s probably because i’m a long-term iPhone user and love the drag-and-drop style of the icon re-arrangement.

Price: FREE
Download: Voyager homescreen for Nokia N8