EpocCam Lite for the Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Webcam app

Believe it or not, but you can now turn your Nokia N8 in to a DVD-quality webcam with the excellent and useful application EpocCam Lite. This means you can have a webcam in your pocket to take with you wherever you go, making it a perfect solution if you want to have a webcam conversation with friends, family or even co-workers – no more need to carry an annoying webcam around with you, nor is there any need to go out and buy a webcam when you have a DVD-quality webcam via your Nokia N8.

As with most applications, it does have a downside. That being there is only one connection method to enable the use of the webcam, which is via USB only. It adds an annoyance of the added extra wire, but there aren’t many wireless webcams out on the market these days anyway, so it’s nothing that’s of a major disadvantage. There are other webcam applications out there that allow you to use Wifi, Bluetooth or USB – but none of them have the awesome quality like EpocCam does, making this the best application for use as a webcam for the Nokia N8.


  • Your Nokia N8 smartphone
  • EpocCam Windows Drivers (found at bottom of article)
  • A PC running Microsoft Windows, Windows XP service pack 2 or higher.
  • Nokia OVI Suite 3.0 or newer installed on your PC.
  • USB-cable to connect your phone to the PC. This is shipped with your phone in the retail box.
    • Installation

      1. Install Nokia Ovi Suite from Nokia website.
      2. Install EpocCam Symbian application which you can download from the link at bottom of article.
      3. Install EpocCam Windows drivers after downloading from the link below.

    You have to install the Nokia Ovi Suite before using EpocCam. EpocCam Windows drivers must be installed with administrator rights. After installing EpocCam Windows drivers you need to restart applications such as Skype and MSN Messenger or restart your computer.


    1. Connect USB cable between your phone and PC.
    2. On phone choose connection mode “PC Suite” if asked.
    3. Start EpocCam application on your phone.
    4. To verify functionality you can use EpocCam Test Application. This application can be started from Start Menu > Programs > EpocCam > EpocCam Test. Remember to quit EpocCam Test application before using EpocCam with other applications as only one application can use camera at a time.

      Price: FREE
      Download: EpocCam Lite for the Nokia N8
      Download: EpocCam Windows drivers for Nokia N8