Windows 7 theme for Nokia N8 thumb

Nokia N8 Windows 7 theme

Windows 7 is arguably the best operating system to date from the powerhouse that is Microsoft, or at least definitely a huge difference when compared to the comparatively sucky Windows Vista. Whether you’re a fan of Windows 7 or not, this Windows 7 Nokia N8 theme will give your phone a sleek look with a polished feel. Not the best theme in the world, but certainly good enough for our Nokia N8.

This theme was created by OoxXx_xXxoO. To download the theme click the download link at the bottom of the page.

Note: If you see a “Theme corrupted” message after connecting your Nokia N8 to a computer, please disregard message. 90% of all Nokia N8 themes on the internet have this issue. Just set your theme back once you’ve finished with connecting your phone to a computer. Every single theme we host has been tested by our team to ensure compatibility with the Nokia N8.

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