Nokia N8 with Windows 7 coming soon?

It has been reported recently that there’s a new handset coming in the form of what appears to basically be a Nokia N8 that is flashed with the Windows 7 operating system. The handset is being dubbed the “Nokia W8″, which sounds somewhat catchy and would definitely fall in line with Nokia and Microsoft’s marketing strategy.

Whilst at the moment it’s purely just guesswork (either that or someone up the top with inside knowledge has leaked information, yay) it appears that the Nokia W8 will come with a Qualcomm CPU and Adreno 320 GPU along with the expected 12-megapixel camera – though exact specifications are widely open to debate. The expected release date of the phone is anticipated in early 2012 or even possibly Q2 of next year.

As we all know by now, Nokia and Microsoft and now in partnership to bring us the best and newest smartphones during next year and beyond – with Nokia’s hardware and Windows Phone 7 software, the whole project is seemingly a hit or miss situation. If it is to be successful the two companies desperately need to grab the attention of the American and European markets, a marketing campaign such as Apples would be sure to help in any such situation.

If we do see a Nokia W8 in the near future, what would you want from the smartphone in terms of hardware and even software variants?