Nokia Ovi Store boom

Nokia Ovi Store Explosion

Well, albeit not a real explosion, it seems the Nokia Ovi Store has grown massively since it’s initial release. Nokia said back in February 2010 (February 28th to be exact) that it was topping 1.5 million downloads every day; however now, as of October 1st 2010 the Ovi Store is topping a massive 2.3 million daily downloads – not too bad considering their decline in the phone market in recent years.

More than 200,000 users per day are signing up for Ovi services, which include maps, music and messaging, Nokia reports. The service is available in 190 countries and includes maps, music, messaging, store and Nokia’s ‘Life Tools’ service, which is available in some countries.

Around 70 of the developers and publishers have now surpassed the 1 million download mark with their content on the Ovi Store – these include the following developers and publishers; Electronic Arts, Gameloft, PepsiCo, Shazam and more. The developer Offscreen, who develop touch screen apps have apparently surpassed 10 million downloads.

So the Ovi Store is on the incline and with the release of their newest Symbian^3 handsets such as the Nokia N8, this can only mean that the services will continue to grow and be used by a wider audience.