Nokia N8 push

Nokia Push – win a Nokia N8

If you’re an imaginative person and like to create and develop your ideas, then you could stand a chance of winning one of eight Nokia N8‘s from Nokia Push. If you don’t know what Nokia Push is, it’s a project where Nokia inspire with their and other peoples mobile phone hacking and modding ideas around the world.

Now Nokia Push have set their readers and followers a challange; to bring to life their own imaginations and ideas for the Push project. The first prototype the team engineered was an Nokia N8 that ‘scores’ a person on a skateboard, depending on their movements and landings – bringing gaming back to the street.

If you’re looking for some inspiration or ideas, check out the video below featuring a prototype from the Push project. Your ideas should always be unique and filled with fun and excitement, without pushing the boundaries too much of course.

How to enter

All you need to do is submit an idea for the short film, event, show or push moment and would create using one of these hacks. Four lucky winners for each prototype will be chosen and rewarded with one of the prototypes but also a Nokia N8 and $1000 to help fund your Push idea.

To submit your ideas to Nokia Push just visit this link;

As you will see in the footage, this particular piece of marvel is a Nokia N8 that allows the person using it take KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) to a whole new level. Wish Push KAPing, you will see what your Nokia N8 sees whilst its mounted to a kite and even allows you to control its every move – pretty awesome, huh?

The things you can do with mobile phones these days is totally unreal, so if you could come up with an idea like these guys have, what would it be and how would it unfold?