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Nokia Sleeping Screen for Nokia N8

Nokia Sleeping Screen is a new offering from the wonderful guys over at Nokia Beta Labs, which adds to their list of ever expansive and ingenious inventions for our beloved mobile phones. This time they’ve served us up another treat in the form of ‘Nokia Sleeping Screen’, which is essentially a beautiful and energy efficient screen saver for the Nokia N8.

The screen saver turns your phone into a glowing abundance at night and in the day, they as you may imagine the effects are greatly more amplified at night. The screen saver utilises the idle screen colours and surprisingly doesn’t eat away at your battery as i first thought.

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Unlike normal screen savers which do not show you any missed calls or message alerts, Nokia Sleeping Screen does and does so in a very sleek and stylish way. You can activate the Nokia Sleeping Screen after installation by going to Manu > Settings > Themes > Screen saver – then simply tap on the Sleeping Screen option and hey-presto, it’s in action.

You are given an option of up to 8 different screens and also a ninth option, which is the ‘night clock’ that activates and will automatically take the place of the sleeping screen type you have pre-defined – it is configured by inputting a pre-defined time range of your own choice, so it activates and deactivates when you wish. Once your start time has been reached, the night clock will activate and once the times reaches the time you inputted it to end, obviously the night clock will deactivate and restore your previous screen.

Each time you receive a missed call or SMS it will be highlighted on the screen saver, meaning you don’t have to keep flicking back and forth between the screen saver and your home pages – simply wait for an alert to be apparent on the screen – cool huh?

All in all, this application is a wonderful new creation from the guys at Beta Labs and helps you to further get the most out of your Nokia N8 smartphone – follow the link below to find out more details and to download the Nokia Sleeping Screen for yourself.

Price: FREE
Download: Nokia Sleeping Screen for Nokia N8