Nokia (Symbian) Belle has arrived

It seems like just yesterday (sarcasm intended, unless you’re an American user in which case that may be the case) that Symbian Anna was released on to our beloved Nokia N8, however Nokia have pulled Nokia Belle out of their bag of tricks and is releasing the latest and best Symbian OS over the next few days.

Availability will depend on your location around the world and your particular product code. If you don’t see the update available OTA (over the air) then check the Suite to see if it’s available there – if not then you’ll have to wait a few more days until you can get your hands on the eagerly awaited operating system.

If you haven’t read our 8 reasons to upgrade to Symbian Belle, i suggest you take a look as this operating system brings with it some really awesome updates – your phone will never (quite) be the same again – but much more amazing, user friendly and pleasing on the eye.

Upgrades to the OS include a sleek new design that looks much more polished then that of Symbian Anna. You’ll even get more home screens so you can put all of those must have widgets wherever you want, whenever you want – no more need for third party applications.

The addition of the new notifications tab means you can see all of the latest actions in all one central hub at the top of your screen. You literally have all of the information you need at your fingertips. The phone will now be much easier to navigate thanks to the new navigation at the bottom of the screen.

The phone will now support real multi-tasking and a much better lock screen than ever before. Those wanting to be able to view all of the information they need via the lock screen such as missed calls, text messages and such can now breathe a sigh of relief – it’s finally here!

There are lots of other cool little additions to the Nokia Belle update so check out the updates to see if it’s available for you!

Question to our readers: Already have the Nokia Belle update? If so what’s your product code? If you do have Nokia Belle (official) then let us know what you think of the update – was it worth the wait or was it a long wait for very little in return?