Nokia World 2010

Nokia World 2010 overview

With the Nokia World 2010 conference now behind us, we have a quick overview of the conference, so you can keep updated with the latest Nokia news and in more particular, the latest N8 news.

The first thing worth mention is that Angry Birds, the awesome game for devices such as the iPhone, will be available built-in with the Symbian^3 operating system – no downloading, no nothing, just play the game straight from your device on day of purchase.

Ovi Store

Ovi Store has also got a small facelift, with support for 190+ countries, 120+ Nokia devices and also supports credit card and operator billing – meaning you can either charge stuff straight to your credit card or add it on to your bill at the end of the month, whichever suits you best.

Web Browser

The new web browser in the Nokia N8 is webkit enabled and renders web pages “as good as any other browser on competing platforms.” and obviously supports touch.

We at N8Geeks were wondering a while ago how the Nokia N8 will perform in the market and according to Nokia at the Nokia World 2010 conference, the pre-orders for the Nokia N8 have been the biggest for any Nokia device in its history.