PUSH Snowboarding Nokia N8

NokiaPUSH almost ready for Burton European Open

First off, for those of you who don’t know what Nokia Push is, it’s a project where Nokia inspire with their and other peoples’ mobile phone hacking and modding ideas around the world – with their latest project, Push Snowboarding coming along well.

It’s just two weeks until the Push Snowboarding project will be given its Alpha testing at the Burton European Open in LAAX. For those not yet familiar with the NokiaPUSH project, take a look at our NokiaPUSH article from earlier in the year, where users were able to put their ideas forward and win the chance to start their own project, those of which are now well and truly taking shape.

As the project was announced at Nokia World, the whole PUSH team were in a rush to get the parts ordered, which turned out to be a whole lot of mess with the need to open a new mailbox to handle all of the incoming boxes.

They’re even testing an Arduino talking to a Nokia N8 via Bluetooth, yes, on the snowbard. The Push Snowboard team left an update over at the NokiaPUSH blog last week, where they are taking to the snow with their board, measuring heart rate, sweat levels, wind speed and all sorts of other technical stuff that my brain doesn’t quite fathom.

We will keep tracks of the PUSH Snowboarding team and give you updates on their progress and feedback from the alpha testing phase later in the month.