Nokia N8 AMOLED display issue

Official response to Nokia N8 AMOLED issue

So i have been contacting Nokia over the past week or so regarding the AMOLED display issue on the Nokia N8 and after receiving an initial useless response, they replied with the below email after pushing them further. In the first response to my queries, a representative from the UK operations centre told me that the purple tinge in the AMOLED display was actually a feature of the phone, not an issue – however the newest email reads as below.

Thank you for contacting Nokia Care.

In response to your concern regarding the colour display of your N8, please be advised that Nokia is not aware and have not yet heard of this kind of issue on discoloration of grey and black to purple. Moreover, we would like to thank you for bringing this up to our attention and we will forward this concern to the relevant department for further evaluation.

Moreover, may we suggest that you reinstall your phone’s software to that we may verify if there is a software issue on your N8 that causes this display colour. Please be advised that before reinstalling your device software kindly be reminded to charge your battery to the full power as reinstalling the software consumes power on your device. We also strongly recommend that you back up all information to avoid data loss.

Kindly reinstall your phone’s software by doing the following:

A. To do a back up, please follow the instructions below:

1. Download and install Ovi Suite from the link below. You may also check on the system requirements from the following link:

2. Open Ovi Suite
3. Connect your phone to PC
4. Choose Ovi Suite mode on your phone
5. Click Tools from the Navigation bar.
6. Choose Back up
6. Confirm

B. Reinstall the software of your phone in the following way:

1. Start Nokia Ovi Suite
2. Connect the phone to PC via USB cable
3. Select Ovi Suite mode on the device
4. Select Tools > Software updates
- Nokia Ovi Suite shows details of any available updates
5. Click on Reinstall”

For future reference, please feel free to check our website. Kindly refer to the link below:

Yours sincerely,

Lian K.
Nokia Service Professional
UK and Ireland Team
Nokia Care

I will continually contact Nokia for updates regarding this issue and will, when i receive them, post the updates here for everyone concerned who has this AMOLED display issue. We know how annoying it can be and thus far Nokia have proved to be unhelpful, hopefully this will be the first steps to getting it recognised and, hopefully, fixed for effected users.