OVI Mail & OVI Chat (powered by Yahoo!) – Coming Soon

Following the announcement earlier this year that Nokia were going to be teaming up with Yahoo for Maps, email and chat, the day is getting closer and closer.

First, here’s a little background on the agreement. The basic fundamentals of the agreement is that Yahoo! will gain access to the wonders of the map data and API access to OVI Maps, whilst Nokia will be granted access to the long history Yahoo! has in the world of IM (Instant Messaging) and email.

Today, Fran over at the OVI Blog posted an update on the future of OVI Mail and Chat (OVI Contacts) with the help of Yahoo. The good news is that “You will still get free email and IM accounts from Ovi by Nokia, which you can set up and access from your mobile phone, and you’ll get enhancements that let you do even more with Mail and Chat.”

This partnership with Yahoo will provide improvements to the current service, which should be rolling out over the next few weeks and includes:

  • Link to Yahoo IM Users: Chat users will be able to invite Yahoo! Messenger friends into their friend list, with ease
  • Use the brand new Mail website: Mail users will have themes, improved attachment support and Ovi Chat integration into their web mail experience
  • Web–based Chat Interface: Users of Ovi Chat will be able to start chatting with friends from any computer as well as from their Nokia device, giving you more opportunities to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues

If you currently use Ovi Mail or Ovi Chat, you must take special action

With the major changes that are being made, you must accept additional Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to keep using the Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat. You can accept these Terms of Service by visiting https://t.ovi.com and entering your Nokia account details and clicking Next.

If you are an Ovi Mail user you will soon receive a reminder email and, if you are a Chat user, an instant message from ovi‑chat@ovi.com that should include a link to the website above as mentioned above. Once you have received this follow the link, if you haven’t already, and accept the additional Terms and Privacy Policy when you login. 

Once this is done the new features will automatically appear, as they release, as part of your all-new Mail and Chat experience, which will be powered by Yahoo!.

The main issue for Nokia N8 users is that the Chat app, which gives you access to Chat and other popular IM communities, is yet to be released for Symbian^3. The only hope is that this release will be aligned to this announcement too.

Once the application is released, head on over to the OVI Store to download it. Then launch Chat, from you Applications folder, select Register/Create Account, and follow the instructions to log in with your existing Nokia account credentials.  Once you have logged in, you will see your current Chat profile and friend list, and you can start chatting away knowing that you’re ready to take advantage of the new features enabled by the Yahoo! partnership.

Fingers crossed N8 users won’t have to wait too long for the OVI Chat app to release so that they can make the most of the improvements to Nokia’s IM on-device IM service.