Ovi Maps tips and tricks for Nokia N8

So, you may be totally new to Ovi Maps or you may even be a seasoned Ovi Map veteran – either way, we have some cool tips and tricks to share with out that you may or may not already know about on your Nokia N8. The map feature is an excellent addition to any mobile phone and certainly surpasses the usability of the maps provided by companies such as Apple, for the iPhone.

If you’re the proud owner of a modern Nokia phone and have been following our Ovi Maps coverage, then by now you should have worked out what it is, evaluated it, downloaded it and checked out the third party content. But that’s all baby stuff. It’s time to enter the big league now.

Having Ovi Maps is just dandy, but if you want to get the most out of this software then you will need to know how to use it as quickly and conveniently as possible and to ensure you’re using the software as the developer originally intended. Without further ado, here’s a few cool tips and tricks to get you started.

Have the latest software installed

It may seem rather obvious, but you would be very surprised to know that people often forget or don’t bother to update their Ovi Maps. As time goes on, the maps become more detailed and third-party content gets added to the service too – which gives the user an overall better experience. If you notice an update is available, always take up on the offer.

Use Nokia maps updater to access maps

If you have a large data plan or don’t mind being charged for your phone requesting information from the Ovi Maps servers then this may seem pointless, but it’s not – if you download all your mapping using the maps updater, you will not only save time but you will also save some extra cash.

Not only will this save yourself some money, but you will also notice that your battery drains quicker when reading data from the servers directly – or even worse, you may notice that your signal drops and the map is unable to continue to load – potentially leaving you stranded.

Each map should be downloaded on to a microSD, so if you don’t have one it will be required – they’re very cheap these days. You should be downloading the map for your country and/or other places you may visit in the near future. You can install the maps by using the Ovi Suite.

Get your navigation settings into gear

Ever get sent on an exceptionally long journey, that should, perhaps, take much less time than you imagined? This is usually because of the settings you have for the navigation method. Let’s say you are navigating around a busy city and your route is set for the shortest distance possible, as opposed to the route with the least traffic, then you’re bound to become unstuck.

You should choose between the shortest, fastest and least busy routes; decide if you want points of interest to turn up on the screen automatically or even just a certain point of interest and get all your readings as you want them to be displayed. Take some time to look at the settings and experiment with them, until you feel comfortable.

Get to know your shortcuts

Sometimes, speed and precision is the key to those moments where you’re busy and up to your eye-balls in work. There’s many of them to remember for various situations, so you should probably pick a few that you can start off with and get used to – ease your way in.

Use Ovi Maps on your computer

If you’re going to use Ovi Maps on your Nokia N8, then it would be ideal if you also use it on your computer – as opposed to using Google Maps for example. Rather than mess about with a small fiddly screen making routes and adding your own content and addresses, you can do it from your computer – just transfer it over from the computer to your Nokia N8 seamlessly. Also if you’re phone gets damaged or you lose it, you will still have all of the custom settings and changes stored on your computer – good huh?

Your tips and tricks

If you have any of your own tips and tricks for Ovi Maps, please feel free to share them with us and our readers by adding them in the comment field below.