Nokia Ovi Store boom

Ovi Store still growing

As we reported last week about the Nokia Ovi Store explosion, it seems the Ovi Store is still continuing to grow every single day. A few days back the store topped 2.3 million daily downloads – yet now, a few days on, it’s smashing that record with 2.5 million daily downloads.

Here’s a few more Ovi Store statistics for your viewing pleasure;

* There are 2.5 million downloads a day with more 2.6 apps downloaded per visit – that’s an amazing 104,000 downloads per hour, 1736 per minute and 29 per second – impressive!
* About 90% of the daily traffic to Ovi Store converts to downloads
* 85% of the signed in visitors to Ovi Store are repeat visitors
* Each active user is averaging 8.5 downloads per month
* Active users from more than 190 countries
* Games are the #1 for paid download and apps continue to be #1 for free downloads

It’s probably fair to say that the Ovi Store’s continual growth could well be helped along by the release of the Symbian 3 operating system – with the release of the Nokia N8 in some countries, one would assume that this has helped fuel the massive insurgence.

Nokia may well be hoping that this recent insurgence of downloads is a sign of things to come for the company, however this will remain to be seen in the comings months and years. Though to be fair to Nokia, they’re doing very well with their Nokia N8 sales despite the ‘diss Nokia in a review’ culture that has appeared recently – unfair some may say (or at least I do).