Mac OS X Nokia Software Updater

Nokia N8 Software updater for Mac

At long last, Nokia have released the software updater for the Nokia N8 and other Nokia devices for those of us who use the Mac operating system. It has been released for the Mac OS X, which is a commonly used operating system and slowly but surely taking market share from its competitor, Windows. The so… Read more

Tiger Nokia N8 theme thumb

Nokia N8 Top 10 themes

The Nokia N8 is an amazing piece of hardware, so why do some people abuse their user interfaces with the boring default themes? The guys over at Tehkseven have released a blog post recently highlighting 10 of the best Nokia N8 themes that are hosted over on their site – so that’s 10 great re… Read more

Nokia N8 HDR Photo Camera Review

Within my previous Camera Pro review I mentioned HDR Photo Camera as the alternative option for taking High Dynamic Range images on a Nokia Symbian^3 device, or more specifically the Nokia N8.

The main difference you will see between HDR Photo Camera and Camera Pro is the later is an all encompassing… Read more

Worms HD for Nokia N8

Worms HD for Nokia N8

If you’re anything like me, you’ll remember the days of playing Worms on the Amiga and stressing at the computer-based getting lucky hits from impervious positions across the map. Worms has been around since the early days of 1995 and allowed gamers to partake in the execution and gene… Read more

Virtual Table Tennis for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Virtual table tennis 3D

If you’re a fan of Ping-Pong or rather table tennis, or whatever else you may call it then you might just love this game we’re reviewing today. The game in its earliest days was played in garages across the world, then one day some bright spark decided to have it included in the Olympics and… Read more

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