N8 Geeks competition winners

Micro Pool for Nokia N8 contest winners

So it’s time to reveal the winners of yet another competition over here on N8Geeks, which we absolutely love doing – so far in less than 2 months we’ve managed to give away a massive 150 EURO in prizes away and the best thing about it? Every last application we’ve given away we… Read more

mbrett review thumb

Nokia N8 Camera Pro review

A couple of weeks ago a twitter follower asked me if there was a HDR app available for Nokia N8, with it’s impressive 12Mpix Carl Zeiss lens. For this review I am focussing on Camera Pro, based on the impressive toolbox it provides alongside the it’s batch photography capability. Want to win ONE of FIVE copies of this product that we’re giving away in a contest? Simply read through the rest of this review.

The shear quantity of options within Camera Pro has caused me headaches writing this review as to how I structure it. I have ended up basing it on the menu screens within the app, so here goes. After a little searching I found a couple of apps, namely:

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Nokia N8 widget thumb

Nokia N8 Using widgets to your advantage

The Nokia N8 comes with a really cool and useful tool, the ability to use and utilise widgets to make your life as a Nokia phone user a little easier and more intuitive. A lot of people unfortunately don’t know what advantages they can gain from the use of widgets, especially those who are new to th… Read more

Nokia N8 change wallpaper

How to add wallpaper to Nokia N8

Okay, so earlier today I was writing a new article where I had to set a new wallpaper on my Nokia N8, yet after several minutes of searching through settings I couldn’t find where I had to go to add a new wallpaper. This is usually very easy and very straightforward on most smart phones, but it seems… Read more

Nokia N8 invisibleSHIELD installation

Installing InivisibleSHIELD on the Nokia N8

If you’re having issues installing your full body invisibleSHIELD on the Nokia N8, we’ve just created our first ever Youtube video demonstrating how to install it. There are tips for installation and, of course, a video outlining what you have to do and showing you how to do it.

When you… Read more

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