Panoramic wallpaper for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Panoramic Wallpaper

Pano Wallpaper for the Nokia N8 is an application that allows you to turn a photograph or any other image in to a panoramic wallpaper. This means you can have one continuous wallpaper on your home screen, covering all 3 screens, giving it the panoramic effect and making it look sleek and stylish –… Read more

Nokia N8 UK advert

Nokia N8 UK advert

Advertisements for the Nokia N8 are still coming out thick and fast, proving that the marketing team behind the phone are still planning on new ways to market it to the wider audience. The phone is not a dying model, but a product that is continuing to grow despite recent announcements from Nokia and Mi… Read more

February poll results

N8 Geeks February poll results

In last months N8 Geeks poll, we asked you, our valued readers, what colour Nokia N8 they purchased. An amazing 530 people responded to the poll, compared to last months 249. The Nokia N8 is a wonderful phone and it seems people do have a preference on their colour, but most people bought the phone witho… Read more

Micro Pool for the Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Micro Pool review

It’s review and contest time again. Today we will be reviewing Micro Pool by Botond FM for the Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 devices, which is an excellent pool simulation game that offers a fantastic atmosphere, great realistic graphics and sounds that you would imagine hearing in the real wo… Read more


The future of the Nokia N8

Now that the storm behind the Nokia and Microsoft Alliance has finally passed with time, is there a brighter future for the Nokia N8? It’s fair to assume that there is, there’s no reason for those of us who have the phone to think it will be ditched by Nokia in a complete lack of caring or will… Read more

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