Nokia N8 app developers chance to win a million

Nokia N8 developers to win share of $10M

Today Nokia announced a partnership with AT&T where they will offer numerous prizes that total $10,000,000 for developers on the Nokia N8 on the Qt platform. There are a number of different cash prizes and marketing prizes, with the best UI’s and graphic-intensive games being the winn… Read more

SPB TV for Nokia N8

SPB TV for Nokia N8

SPB TV is an application that lets you watch TV channels from around the world, all from one application. It provides quick and easy access to TV channels and VoD (Video on Demand) services and incorporates features such as channel previews, picture-in-picture mode for quick browsing and an integr… Read more

Screenshot app for Nokia N8

Capture screenshots on Nokia N8

Sometimes for whatever reason, we need to take a screenshot of our Nokia N8 screen to show to our friends or family and this is where Best Screen Snap for the Nokia N8 comes in useful. It’s a very simple yet effective application that does exactly what it says in the application name, it takes scre… Read more

Air Hockey Free for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Air Hockey Free game

Surely everybody has played Air Hockey at some point in their lives, it’s an old game that has lived on through the test of time. Now you can get Air Hockey right on your Nokia N8 mobile phone, for free from the Ovi Store – that’s right, a free Air Hockey game right on your mobile phone.… Read more

Nokia N8 save battery

Nokia N8 save battery life

The battery is an integral part of any mobile phone and phones that have bad battery life generally don’t last long in the consumer market or in my pocket either. To help those of you who want to squeeze as much battery out of your Nokia N8 that you can, we’ve written this article to help exte… Read more

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