N8, iPhone 4, Nexus S camera tests

Today we put the Nokia N8 head to head with the Nexus S and the iPhone 4. The Nokia N8 dwarfs both the Nexus and iPhone when it comes to pixels with it’s massive 12MP! Both the iPhone 4 and Nexus S are a measly 5MP. But we wanted to answer the age old question “is bigger always better?”.

We… Read more

Create your own Nokia N8 ringtone

Create a Nokia N8 ringtone

Ringtones are a good way to personalise your mobile phone and almost everyone does it, whether they simply change it from the phones default ringtone or add their very own ringtone from their favourite music, we all do it. If you’re looking for a how-to on how to create your own Nokia N8 ringtone… Read more

N8 Geeks competition winners

Blacklist Mobile contest winners

A while back we had a review for Blacklist Mobile for the Nokia N8 and we also announced a competition in that review, so, low and behold, we now have the winners of that contest. If you didn’t win, don’t worry, we are giving away many more paid-for applications in the coming weeks and in to the future R… Read more


Nokia N8 Battery Extender Pro review

There is nothing worse than running out of battery at crucial times, or at times where your phone will be useful to you as your battery is slowly but surely depleting. Battery Extender Pro for the Nokia N8 does what it says on the tin (well, if it had a tin that is) – it simply acts as a timesaver and a b… Read more

Backbreaker Football for Nokia N8

Backbreaker Football for Nokia N8 review

Backbreaker Football has landed on the Ovi Store, available for the Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 devices at long last. The game was and still is popular on the App Store and they enjoyed success, which is probably why they decided to give it a go on the Ovi Store – as of today, it’s there. Bac… Read more

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