Nokia N8 AMOLED display issue

Official response to Nokia N8 AMOLED issue

So i have been contacting Nokia over the past week or so regarding the AMOLED display issue on the Nokia N8 and after receiving an initial useless response, they replied with the below email after pushing them further. In the first response to my queries, a representative from the UK operations centr… Read more

Nokia Diagnostics for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Diagnostics app

Nokia Diagnostics is a tool that allows you to troubleshoot issues that may encounter with your Nokia N8, for example; test the phones battery charger, the earpieces, loudspeaker and lots more as outlined below. The tool can even configure your Nokia N8 to use a different Internet Connection (i.e.… Read more

Nokia N8 advertisement at Grammy Awards

Nokia N8 advertisement spotted at Grammy’s

The Nokia N8 has had an inclusion of their newest advert in the advertisement spots during the commercials for the Grammy’s on Feb 13th and the Academy Awards which will be aired on Feb 27th. The singer in the advert says, “Don’t fence me in”, while the speaker says, “… Read more

Bounce Doing Battle for Nokia N8

Bounce Doing Battle Nokia N8 review

Bounce is a game that has been around for quite a few years now and it’s a cult classic on most mobile phones – i remember even having it on the old Nokia phones of yesteryear such as the Nokia 5800. Now it’s available on the Nokia N8 and with the multiplayer mode, it makes for epic encou… Read more

SymTorrent for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 torrent downloader app

Torrents are a useful form of downloading files, which many people abuse to download illegally shared files, which of course we do not endorse – but for those who want a torrent application on their Nokia N8 this will be rather useful. Until recently if you ever wanted a torrent downloading uti… Read more

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