New Symvian UI

Nokia N8 gets new UI?

That’s right… In the mist of the Nokia and Microsoft alliance as we reported the other day, Nokia have announced that indeed there will still be a new user interface coming to the Symbian devices in the future, which gives it a much more sleek, fresh and youthful look.

The Nokia N8 and othe… Read more

Blacklist Mobile for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Blacklist Mobile review

If you are unfortunate enough to be on the end of constant telephone calls on your Nokia N8 from your ex, from those really annoying call centres that have your number on auto dial, or anyone else that you don’t wish to have contact with, then Blacklist Mobile could well be a god-send for you. For y… Read more

Nokia and windows

Nokia and Windows Phone alliance

So, today it was released that Nokia will be partnering with Microsoft to bring software, hardware and innovation all in to one place – however Nokia consumers have caused a stir and the news is less than an hour old. Consumers seem to believe, which is entirely incorrect as we see it, that the Sy… Read more

N8 Geeks competition winners

Magic Brush and Joikuspot contest winners

Not too long ago we opened a competition for our readers to win free Nokia N8 apps courtesy of Tarasov and Joiku with their Magic Brush and Wifi Hotspot apps and today we announce the winners. If you didn’t win, don’t worry, we are giving away many more paid-for applications in the coming t… Read more

Nokia N8 reviews

Nokia N8 vs Samsung Galaxy S

As you probably already know, the Nokia N8 is a revolutionary smartphone from Nokia that offers lots of innovative features to the users. It’s a powerful camera phone and is jam-packed with other useful features and hardware. The seemingly never ending list of high tech features on the phone… Read more

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