Nokia N8 fashion photo shoot

Nokia N8 fashion photo shoot

Last week we reported how the first ever music video was entirely with the Nokia N8 and it’s another first for the Nokia N8 and it’s in the world of fashion; a photo shoot that was shot entirely using on the Nokia N8. Last week we reported about the first ever music video was entirely with theRead more

MusicWithMe for Nokia N8

Sync iTunes with Nokia N8

Ever remember Apples phrase “there’s an app for that”? Well that’s now also becoming true with the Ovi Store, as now you can even sync your Nokia N8 with your iTunes account, allowing you to carry your music, videos and pictures around with you wherever you go with this neat… Read more

Pololu Surf and Stream

Nokia N8 Push: Kite Flying

The N8 Push project has been gathering lots of momentum lately and has slowly progressed on to the next project, the N8 Kite Flying. If you don’t know what Nokia Push is, it’s a project where Nokia inspire with their mobile phone hacking and modding ideas in different locations around the world.

The Ki… Read more

Nokia N8 Fantasy theme

Nokia N8 Fantasy Theme

This excellent Fanyasy theme for the Nokia N8 features a 3rd person view of the world. The theme is an excellent addition to any mobile phone, particularly if you like fantasy or landscape themes – it will definitely brighten up your Nokia N8, especially if you’re using the default them… Read more

Nokia N8 Ovi Store update

Nokia N8 Ovi Store update

Check out the Ovi Store today and you will notice that there’s an update available – simply open up the Ovi Store on your Nokia N8 and you’ll see the update. It’s worth noting that if your update fails the first time around, simply tap “Try Again” and your update… Read more

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