Nokia N8 32GB

Nokia N8 32GB available for purchase

It’s finally here, the Nokia N8 32GB – the latest version of Nokia’s Symbian^3 mobile phone. As it also comes with a microSD slot, you can now have up to a massive 64GB of storage on your Nokia N8 – pretty impressive! If you’ve been holding out on buying an N8 due to the &#… Read more

Music video captured on Nokia N8

First Nokia N8 music video

As we all know already, the Nokia N8 has awesome video and picture capabilities that sets this smartphone out from the rest in the market today. We found a music video circling the internet lately that has been entirely shot on the Nokia N8 powerhouse mobile phone.

The video was produced by Kyle Robert… Read more


How to turn your Nokia N8 into a Wi-Fi hotspot

If you’re in need of internet whilst on the go and your Nokia N8 is the only thing with internet access, you can use the N8 as a Wi-Fi hotspot using a very clever little app called Joikuspot. You can connect your laptop or other Wi-Fi enabled devices to the internet using your phone as a 3G modem.


W… Read more

Connecting Apple wireless keyboard to Nokia N8

Using Apples wireless keyboard with Nokia N8

Apple and Nokia both have very clever devices, so it may not be to your surprise that you can connect your wireless Apple bluetooth keyboard to your Nokia N8 for typing emails, letters, SMS or whatever else you may want. The keyboard is super lightweight and is easy to use and gets synced to your Nokia N8… Read more

Stream media from your computer to Nokia N8

Stream video and music from your computer to your Nokia N8

Yep, that’s right, you can use your computer to stream movies, music and photos to your Nokia N8 over your home Wi-Fi network. TVersity supports flash, which of course is compatible with the Nokia N8 meaning you can take full advantage of anything that uses flash. The quality seems to be great w… Read more

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