Tribal scorpion theme thumb

Nokia N8 tribal scorpion theme

This is an amazing theme that will keep your Nokia N8 looking crisp, clean and sleek. As you can see from the screenshots below, the theme features as the title suggests, a scorpion in a tribal-themed pattern, giving for a fantastic theme.

This theme was created by Im__Venky. To download the theme cli… Read more

Doodle Fit for Nokia N8

Doodle Fit for Nokia N8

The word Doodle has preceded many titles in the gaming world ever since the release of Doodle Jump, which has had many millions of downloads worldwide – the game alone has been responsible for games such as Doodle Fit for the Nokia N8.

Doodle Fit is a simple yet effective game that will keep your b… Read more

Throw It for Nokia N8

Throw It for Nokia N8 free download

Throw It is a clone of the popular game Paper Toss, which has had millions of downloads worldwide. Many people will be familiar with Paper Toss, whether you’ve owned it yourself or played it on a friends phone – the idea of the game is to literally throw paper in to a bin (or trash can, whiche… Read more

DC-14 mobile powering bicycle

Charging your Nokia N8 via bicycle

Believe it or not, but it’s now possible to have a work out without the need of a gym whilst also powering your Nokia N8 via an eco-friendly bicycle, which charges your phone whilst you ride. It has an efficient electricity supply – at only 12 km/h it charges about as efficiently as a common… Read more

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