Blue planet Nokia N8 theme

Nokia N8 Blue planet theme

The world is (sometimes at least) a beautiful place, so why not have it on your Nokia N8? This theme features a blue globe, true to real world, with gradients top and bottom giving it a great glow and sleek look to it. Blue Planet is a great theme for anyone who likes either the colour scheme or even the conc… Read more

Nokia N8 handprint theme thumb

Nokia N8 hand print theme

This theme features, as per the preview images below, a hand print as though it has been pressed against glass and leaving a mark behind. It’s a great theme to keep your phones main screen looking unique, something different compared to your friends. After installing it on our Nokia N8, weR… Read more

Nokia N8 freestyle football

Freestyle Football filmed on Nokia N8

If you need further proof that the Nokia N8 has an amazing camera built-in to its sturdy chassis, then this is it. The quality of the video, as you can see below is aboslutely fantastic and that’s after it has been compressed and uploaded.

The video features Sven, showing off his freestyle footb… Read more

Nokia N8 PR 2.2 leak

Nokia N8 PR 2.0 leaked

So Nokia have delayed the PR 1.1 release yet again, however whilst we’re waiting for it to arrive on our Nokia N8′s, due some time in February, it appears that a possible PR 2.0 has been leaked. As you see from the video below, the QWERTY keyboard looks great, but this may not be the final rel… Read more

Nokia N8 pr11 thumb

Nokia N8 PR 1.1 delayed until February

Yep, apparently Nokia Sweden have ended all of our hopes of a Nokia N8 PR 1.1 release before the end of January, as they stated on Facebook it will be ready for release some time in February. Lots of us, including us at N8 Geeks have been waiting for this release for some time now, but it seems we must wait a l… Read more

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