Audi R8 Nokia N8 Theme thumb

Nokia N8 Audi R8 theme

Audi create some of the best cars in the world and with the technology and power their cars have, it’s really easy to see why. In particular, the Audi R8 is an awesome car that many yearn to have but very few actually have, which makes the car even more must have. If you’re a fan of just cars, Au… Read more

Vampire Diaries thumb

Nokia N8 Vampire Diaries theme

Vampire Diaries is a popular TV series, which as the title suggests, features blood-sucking vampires. The new series is due to start around the world this week and what better way to celebrate other than downloading and taking Vampire Diaries with you on your Nokia N8 wherever you go. This theme will… Read more

Windows 7 theme for Nokia N8 thumb

Nokia N8 Windows 7 theme

Windows 7 is arguably the best operating system to date from the powerhouse that is Microsoft, or at least definitely a huge difference when compared to the comparatively sucky Windows Vista. Whether you’re a fan of Windows 7 or not, this Windows 7 Nokia N8 theme will give your phone a sleek loo… Read more

NFS Most Wanted Nokia N8 Theme thumb

Nokia N8 Need for Speed Most Wanted theme

Need for Speed is one of the most popular racing simulation game franchises ever and it’s not hard to see why – great cars, awesome tracks and tonnes of replay value. Now you can bring the fun and style of the game to your Nokia N8 with this awesome theme – any Need for Speed fan should a… Read more

Midnight sea Nokia N8 theme thumb

Nokia N8 Midnight theme

This theme available for the Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 devices really is a must have theme. It features a beatififul night scene, with the moon reflecting off the ocean – along with a backdrop that shows mountains in the distance and scattered clouds in the sky. The theme is really easy on the… Read more

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