Homer theme for Nokia N8 thumb

Nokia N8 Homer Simpson theme

Homer Simpson is an iconic figure in television for both kids and adults alike, now you can have Homer on your Nokia N8. The theme features the man (or rather cartoon) himself in a light coloured outline, which looks perfectly seamless against the darkness of the background that he appears on.

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Android theme for Nokia N8 thumb

Nokia N8 Android Theme

If you’re a fan of Android, or even if you’re just a fan of the little green man that resembles the brand, then this theme will do you justice. The theme features the Android mascot on the homescreen, which gives the phone a slick and unique look without being overly in-your-face – t… Read more

N8 Geeks question of the month

N8 Geeks January poll results

In last months N8 Geeks poll, we asked our readers whether they were happy with their Nokia N8 and 249 of you responded to the poll. It’s obvious that the Nokia N8 is a great phone and the poll results really reflected that, as you can see from the results below.

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Nokia N8 tripod and stand

Nokia N8 tripod camera stand

Jay over at MyNokiaBlog has put together a must have accessory for the Nokia N8 – a tripod camera stand, which is great for shooting photos or videos without any movement, but still retaining full manoeuvrability.

There’s many images and a guide for those who want to create a relatively… Read more


How to use profiles on Nokia N8

Profiles are a great efficient way to have different settings for different circumstances. Let’s say, for example at home you use a ringtone with volume on high, however when you’re at work, college or university or in a meeting you may want to set your phone to silent, maybe with or with… Read more

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