Nokia N8 how to add photographs to contacts

How to add photographs to contacts on Nokia N8

If you want to add photographs to your contact list on the Nokia N8, whether it’s for visual purposes or just because, at a glance, you can see who is calling you – this guide will help you achieve that.

For starts, you will need to click on the contact which you would like to add a photograph f… Read more

SMS Magnifier for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 SMS magnifier

SMS Magnifier, available for Nokia N8 mobile phones does exactly what the name suggests it does: It magnifies the font size of the SMS. People who wear glasses may find this particularly useful, especially if you have two sets of glasses – one for reading, the other other day-to-day duties. Ev… Read more

Eye by Fakhry thumb

Pictures taken on Nokia N8 by N8Geeks reader Fakhry

We have received a few more pictures from another N8 Geeks reader, Fekhry. The shots he taken with his phone are excellent, replicating the quality of the other submissions we received a few days ago from another N8 Geeks member Jinesh.

Remember, if you have any pictures you’d like to share wit… Read more


Sparkle for Nokia N8 review

So, today we were asked if we could review Sparkle, which is a new release available for all Symbian^3 phones, such as the Nokia N8. We were, as always, obliged to review it and let you guys know exactly what we thought of the game – no gimmicks, no bias, just a totally frank look at Sparkle – c… Read more

Nokia N8 on-the-go USB speakers

USB speakers powered by Nokia N8

Yep, it’s true – the Nokia N8 can power USB speakers, meaning you can listen to music at a great quality and sound level whilst on-the-go thanks to Nokia’s USB on-the-go technology, pretty neat if you ask us. Many people probably didn’t think it was possible, however the vi… Read more

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