Google Reader for Nokia N8

Google Reader for Nokia N8

This neat little application, called NewsFlow, is a simple yet effective Google Reader that is based on the Qt Quick technology. The application is available for use on Symbian^3 devices and Maemo, along with the upcoming MeeGo devices – but we need not worry about these, we’re more in… Read more

Predators Nokia N8 theme

Nokia N8 Predator theme

If you’ve never heard of or watched Predator, you’re missing out on a great film that keeps you hooked until the end. If, however you have heard of the film and know how great it really is, then this Predator Nokia N8 theme will let you keep the weird little creature with you at all times.

The… Read more

Motti for Nokia N8

Motti for Nokia N8

Motti? What is Motti? Well, let us tell you – it’s an addictive game that you can lose hours from your day due to the addictive nature of this clever game. We received an e-mail from the developer asking if we could review the game and, we obviously obliged – any excuse for us to play ga… Read more


Nokia N8 changing font size

So, you have a Nokia N8 but you find that the font size is too small, well that’s no problem and can be easily solved with a few simple steps. You may want to make the font size bigger or smaller, depending on personal preference – it’s no use having a phone if you find the font to be harsh… Read more

Social 1.3 update for Nokia N8

Social update 1.3 for Nokia N8

Finally, an update for the Social application on the Nokia N8 has been released – it comes with a few great new features and possibly a few bugfixes (but these haven’t been made publicly known, if there were any). Social version 1.3 is available to download, all you need to do is open the So… Read more

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