Sync Facebook photos with Nokai N8 contacts

How to sync photos from Facebook to Nokia N8

Syncing your photos from Facebook to your Nokia N8 contact list couldn’t be easier, least not with the new Social Network app Socially for the Nokia N8. Not only does it sync photos to contacts, but also syncs peoples birthdays directly on to your mobile phone – pretty neat if you ask us.

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Flower Nokia N8 by Jinesh

Pictures taken on Nokia N8 by N8Geeks reader Jinesh

So, we asked N8Geeks readers to send in their own photographs taken from the Nokia N8 so we can share them with you all and one of our readers, Jinesh, did just that. The pictures he sent in are of fantastic quality and just goes to show how powerful the camera in the Nokia N8 actually is – take a look a… Read more

Nokia N8 shortcut codes

Nokia N8 shortcut codes

For those of us who like to shave a few seconds or so off here and there, shortcuts are an awesome way to do just that – save you time. The Nokia N8 is no different to most phones, it has various shortcut possibilities to make life easier for the end user, a tap of the screen in a particular sequence wil… Read more

RSS Feed for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 RSS Reader

If you want a simple and easy to use RSS reader to manage your news feeds (such as the one on this website) for your Nokia N8 then Nokia Reader is the perfect solution for you. It pushes the RSS feeds to your homescreen on the mobile phone, meaning you can quickly catch up on the current news.

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Tron Legacy for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Tron Legacy Theme

If you haven’t already heard of it, Tron Legacy is an excellent science fiction movie created by Disney, this is a sequel to the original Tron movie which was released way back in 1982. This theme features Tron characters on the main screen and has very vibrant colours to boot.


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