Nokia N8 camera

Will the Nokia N8 restore Nokia’s reputation amongst the mobile phone market?

After owning the Nokia N8 for some time now, it’s safe to say it’s a magnificent mobile phone, something we’ve been waiting from Nokia for many years – even the Nokia N97 wasn’t exactly the most amazing thing to come from Nokia. The Nokia N8 was never supposed to be a ph… Read more

Nokia N8 macro mode tips and guide

Nokia N8 macro mode guide and tips

The Nokia N8 camera is powerful, packing a massive 12 mega-pixels and image clarity that is, simply put, amazing. The phone’s camera is there to be used and utilised to its full potential and macro mode is a great way to to take beautiful close up photographs, be it of nature of whatever you choos… Read more

Nokia wall of fame - Nokia N8 photos

Nokia N8 – Nokia january wall of fame winner

As you may already know, the Nokia N8 has an extremely powerful camera built-in to the already marvellous hardware, giving it a great edge over many phones in the smartphone market today. The 12 mega-pixel camera can take photos that rival many of the professional cameras out there and this months wi… Read more

Lively Cubes for Nokia N8

Lively Cubes Nokia N8 review

Lively Cubes, what on earth is that? Well, it’s a game of funny and adorable characters for the Nokia N8 that need your assistance. The little fellows have been separated from their friends and been placed in a hazardous environment of a dangerous maze. The plan? To get them out of there and brin… Read more

MarvTheMiner2 for Nokia N8

MarvTheMiner2 for Nokia N8

MarvTheMiner2 has to probably be one of the strangest names we’ve come across yet for a game, but it certainly does not disappoint. You guide your little fellow, Marvin, through the cavern mines in order to collect yourself jewels and make a swift, safe exit – a great addition to the plat… Read more

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