Call recorder for Nokia N8

Record calls on the Nokia N8

If you are wanting to record a phone call on your Nokia N8, for whatever reason that may be, now you can thanks to a neat little app that does the trick. The app is available with a 15-day free trial, so you can try out the full functionality of the app without any limits.

Traveling the world with a Nokia N8

Around the world traveling captured on Nokia N8

Follow Patrick Walsh as he navigates his way around the world and documenting, communicationg and interacting with interested people around the world via only mobile phones – and from next month, a Nokia N8 to be precise.

Since May 2007, patrick has traveled the world using only a mobile phon… Read more

New Year captured on the Nokia N8

New Year celebrations captured on Nokia N8

Just a few days ago, the planet was amass with fireworks going off in many countries across the world to celebrate the New Year. Many celebrations from different parts of the world were captured on the Nokia N8, giving for a great viewing experience straight from a mobile phone.

Want to know how other p… Read more

Ovi Daily App for Nokia N8

Ovi Daily App for Nokia N8

Ovi Daily App is a cool little application that offers reviews of the best mobile apps and content in the Ovi Store for use on your Nokia N8 mobile phone. Apparently, you get honest, expert advice that you can trust and this app promises to ‘try before you buy’, so you can always check out wh… Read more

Nokia Panorama photographs

How to take Panorama Photographs on Nokia N8

If you’re a keen photographer, or even a total novice, this application will help you create the most beautiful and eye-catching photo’s possible. Nokia Panorama for the Nokia N8 allows you to take panorama photos easily at the touch of a screen.

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