Spider-Man Total Mayhem HD

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD for Nokia N8

Spider-Man is finally available for your Nokia N8, however it is not yet available on the Ovi Store – but, can still be picked up from the Gameloft website from your mobile device. To find out how exactly to get your hands on this game just take a look near the end of this article.


Firmware update for Nokia N8 due in January

According to Nokia India, via a tweet on Twitter, the Nokia N8 is due to release a firmware update next month. This will be the first ever firmware update for the Nokia N8 mobile phone, which was released a few months back now and is Nokia’s most popular mobile phone to date.

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Nokia Internet Radio for Nokia N8

Internet radio app for Nokia N8

Most Nokia handsets feature an integrated FM radio these days, though reception can be poor depending on your location and you’re usually limited to a set number of stations. With Nokia Internet Radio, it’s possible to listen to stations anywhere in the world from your Nokia N8.


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Foliant ebook reader for Nokia N8

Ebook reader for Nokia N8

Ebook readers are a way for you to view a book on your computer, tablet or mobile phone without having to read a paperback book. This makes it very easy to read whilst on-the-go, or even when you’re just in bed – no need to carry an actual book around with you all the time.


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Gravity Twitter and Facebook app for Nokia N8

Twitter and Facebook app for Nokia N8

If you own a Nokia N8 and have been looking for a top of the range Twitter application to keep you updated with your tweets, then this will be a god send. The application is a premium app, but it offers a lot – the only downside to it is it’s price, at £8.00 / €8.00 it’s not exactly cheap.


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