Scientific calculator for Nokia N8

Calculators are always a very useful thing to have; however if you’re in the science industry or even if you need to use one as a college or university project that needs a scientific calculator for your studies, then this calculator would be ideal for you. It costs just £1.00 and comes packed wi… Read more


JoikuSpot comes to Symbian^3

Having used JoikuSpot on my old Nokia N97 mobile phone, I was interested to test it out on the new Nokia N8, running the Symbian^3 operating system. I was actually rather happy to see that there is a completely new version of the app which is aligned to the new OS.

One of the first things you will notice is t… Read more

OVI Mail & OVI Chat (powered by Yahoo!) – Coming Soon

Following the announcement earlier this year that Nokia were going to be teaming up with Yahoo for Maps, email and chat, the day is getting closer and closer.

First, here’s a little background on the agreement. The basic fundamentals of the agreement is that Yahoo! will gain access to the wond… Read more

Tunewiki for Nokia N8

Song lyrics application for Nokia N8

If you’re a fan of music and love nothing more than knowing, or even singing along to your favourite songs then we have found an application you will absolutely love. This nifty lttle application allows its beholder to see the lyrics to songs as they’re played on their phone, be it songs f… Read more

Spy spoof filmed on Nokia N8

Spy spoof footage filmed on Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 is a master-piece in mobile technology, especially where the camera and video recording quality is concerned. The sheer power of the technology used to create the camera can be seen in this video, which stars smokingly hot good looking women in a spy-spoof… Thing…

What i do… Read more

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