Harry Potter theme for Nokia N8

Harry Potter theme for Nokia N8

This month the new Harry Potter movie will be unleashed upon us, and to celebrate we have a Harry Potter styled Nokia N8 theme for you to all enjoy. The theme is based on a green colour scheme and features the kid (well, now man) himself – Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter.

The font used compliment… Read more

How to transfer photograph's on Nokia N8

How to transfer Nokia N8 pictures

If you’re anything like me and love taking awesome photos with your Nokia N8′s 12-megapixel camera, then you’ll probably be wanting to transfer your photo’s to your computer so you can check them out in all their glory.

The Nokia N8 offers lots of features, customisation… Read more


How to add contact shortcut to home page

The Nokia N8 is an excellent piece of technology, at least where smartphones and modern technology are concerned and has masses of cool features that most people probably aren’t aware of.

With the Symbian^3 operating system on the Nokia N8, features and the ability to create shortcuts are in… Read more

Nokia N8 browser optimisation tips

How to optimize Nokia N8 web browser

If you want a few tips and tricks to make your Nokia N8‘s browser a little more faster, then you have come to the right place. The browser in the Symbian 3 devices is already quite smooth and has good response, however it’s possible to increase the speed of pages being displayed and make eve… Read more


Angry Birds (full version) for Nokia N8

It has finally landed on the Nokia N8; the full version of Angry Birds! If you haven’t already heard, this gem of a game was recently released on Symbian 3 devices. No more playing the demo and getting bored of the levels relatively early on – just gaming with simplicity.

If you don’… Read more

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