Nokia N8 Ovi Maps

Nokia N8 Ovi Maps demo

Everyone loves to know where they are, be it in terrirtory they already know or a place where they are essentially in the middle of a haystack, so-to-speak. That’s why Nokia N8 Ovi Maps is such a great tool whilst you’re on the go (or even sat in a pub, whatever, you get the idea).

Pinch and zo… Read more

Asphalt 5 on Nokia N8

Asphalt 5 on Nokia N8

Asphalt is a high-octane racing game that gives the user both a visual and audio experience that is hard to be compared to on other mobile devices, especially those that are not made primarily for gaming such as the Nokia N8. Gaming on the Nokia N8 looks to be a great experience for the user and seemingly… Read more

Nokia N8 Sim Free Pricing UK

Nokia N8 SIM free UK pricing revealed

It seems that Nokia have inadvertently given the pricing details for UK customers on Nokia’s flagship model, the Nokia N8. How have they given us such details without actually meaning to? Well, the answer lies within the source code to the Nokia website, which states the price and the fact tha… Read more

Nokia N8 porn blooper

Nokia N8 – China release event

So, the Nokia N8 handset was released in to many thousands of Chinese people across China in the normal fashion, except this time with a major hiccup. It seems that those who were watching the release event via the internet stream were subdued to watching porn – why I hear you cry? Because some ge… Read more

Bluetooth Nokia N8 Accessories

Connecting bluetooth keyboard and mouse to Nokia N8

Check out this video showing how to connect a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your Nokia N8. This is a really cool feature that could appeal to many people – although it could become tedious at times with such a small screen. It would be even more fun if you could use both of these devices whilst gamRead more

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