Nokia N8 USB

Using USB stick with Nokia N8

Most phones on the market today don’t offer the possibility of accessing your USB stick on-the-go via your mobile phone, but, the Nokia N8 does. Not only does the Nokia N8 harbour the most powerful camera in a smart phone to date, but it also has a really cool feature that not many people know abou… Read more

Angry Birds

Angry Birds on Nokia N8

Most of us have played the ever-popular Angry Birds app on the iPhone, be it your own or your friends – and the good news is, it’s going to be available on the Nokia N8! Now you can join in your friends anti-social behaviour and get stuck in, getting rid of those ugly green piggies using your u… Read more

Nokia N8 HDMI output

Nokia N8 HDMI out video

So, as you probably already know, the Nokia N8 comes with an HDMI output so you can watch videos from your video recording on the handset, on your television set – in this instance it’s a trailer for an upcoming movie. Have a look at the Nokia N8 HDMI output in action below.

Nokia N8 photo editor

Editing photos on Nokia N8

If you are still eagerly awaiting the release of the Nokia N8 then we have something to help keep your mind occupied. Photo editing on Nokia’s newest mobile phone seems very simple and comes packed with lots of cool features. We aren’t sure if the below video is actually the final release… Read more

Nokia N8 widget preview

Widgets are an element of the graphical user interface (GUI) that is customisable by the user dependant on their specific requirements such as a window or text box. Curiosity is in the human nature and if you’re curious as to how you will be able to and what it looks like to add, remove and re-arra… Read more

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