Nokia N8 Ovi Maps

Ever been on a trip somewhere and found yourself lost and without any knowledge of where you are, or more importantly, how to get back on track? Then if you’re planning on purchasing the new Nokia N8 mobile phone you should not fear, as Ovi Maps is here.

The Nokia N8 comes with lots of excellent, fu… Read more

Personalising your Nokia N8 with widgets

Widgets are a superb way of personalising your mobile phone to cater for your needs. With the new Nokia N8 you have three home screens that you can customize to your hearts content – that means you could use one home screen for work, one for play and the other, well, what ever you want.

You can check… Read more


Fring video call on Nokia N8

What is Fring? If you don’t already know, Fring is a free application/program that lets you talk to your friends and family wherever you are in the World (as long as you have internet access, of course) both via text messages and via video calling and now it seems it has come to the Nokia N8 mobile p… Read more

Nokia N8 camera

A closer look at the Nokia N8′s camera

The awesome 12 mega-pixel camera is the centre-piece of the latest Nokia N8 mobile phone and now we shall delve into the phones ‘ camera capabilities and some reasons behind it.

The first thing people may have noticed about the phone is that there seems to be a lack of cover for the Nokia’s… Read more

Nokia N8 pre-orders begin

As you may or may not know by now, pre-orders have begun for the Nokia N8 handset in the US and in Europe, with an estimated delivery of end of September 2010. For people living in the USA, they can pre-order the device via the Nokia Online US website and will cost $549.99 for American citizens. For Europe… Read more

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