Solitaire for the Nokia N8

If like me, you spent hours upon hours playing solitaire on a Windows based PC, especially when they were popular many years back, then you’re going to love this. If you didn’t already know Solitaire is a card-based game that became popular due to its inclusion in the Windows based opera… Read more

how do you use your nokia n8

The Nokia N8 – how do you use yours?

Okay, so the Nokia N8 is by far the best camera phone on the market and probably for some time to come – we’ve all mostly had enough time to enjoy the phone and its many features that come in abundance, however we all have our Nokia N8 for a specific reason. Personally, i have my Nokia N8 for two… Read more


Pink Nokia N8

A while ago we written about the potential of a new limited edition red Nokia N8 becoming available to us beloved Nokia users, however to my dismay, today over at Nokia Conversations it was basically announced that the newest colour addition to the Nokia N8 range is to be, believe it or not, pink.


Thi… Read more


3 New Nokia N8 themes

There’s nothing quite like being able to personalise your mobile phone to look and feel how you want it to, now the Nokia N8 has 3 wonderful new themes, that are totally free of charge to download and enjoy (except the first one, they’re now charging for this, argh). Out of the 3 themes you h… Read more

Nokia N8 camera

The Nokia N8 – what would you change?

The Nokia N8 is undeniably one of the best phones on the market at the moment and in terms of photograph taking, it’s definitely the market leader at the moment – but like with all phones, it has its downfalls. If you were asked the question; “what would you change about the Nokia N8?… Read more

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