Parking finder for the Nokia N8

Parking finder for Nokia N8

If you ever find yourself losing track of where you parked your car in a crowded car park, then Parking for the Nokia N8 will solve these problems forever. No more walking aimlessly around huge car parks looking for your car, simply open the application and use the augmented reality layer to find your car without the upmost ease.

You can save your GPS location before you get out the car, then locate the car using the map, radar or even the augmented reality on the camera viewfinder on your phone. Not only is it fun looking for your car instead of irritating and boring, but it’s very practical, too. I used to earlier on today to find the car in a relatively huge car park in Bluewater Shopping Centre – within minutes i was back at the car without looking around aimlessly. It’s especially good for when you’re visiting a place you’ve never been before, which makes finding your vehicle harder than you’d ever thought possible.

Parking for the Nokia N8 comes with additional features such as a timer and parking notes – both written and voice for underground parking, where you may not be able to get a GPS signal. If this isn’t the handiest and fun car finding application for the Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 devices, than i don’t have a clue what is.

If you’ve used Parking for the Nokia N8, let us know what you thought of the application and if it made your experience finding your car a lot more easier and pleasurable. If it didn’t, let us know why!

Price: FREE
Download: Parking for the Nokia N8