Flower Nokia N8 by Jinesh

Pictures taken on Nokia N8 by N8Geeks reader Jinesh

So, we asked N8Geeks readers to send in their own photographs taken from the Nokia N8 so we can share them with you all and one of our readers, Jinesh, did just that. The pictures he sent in are of fantastic quality and just goes to show how powerful the camera in the Nokia N8 actually is – take a look at some of his shots below and let us know what you think.

Remember, if you have any pictures you’d like to share with us and the rest of our readers, please feel free to send them in to Maverick(at)n8geeks.com and we’ll be sure to feature them on our website. Also, a big thanks to Jinesh for submitting these fine snaps!

Note: To view the full-size (and very detailed) image, click on a thumbnail below.