Pink Nokia N8

A while ago we written about the potential of a new limited edition red Nokia N8 becoming available to us beloved Nokia users, however to my dismay, today over at Nokia Conversations it was basically announced that the newest colour addition to the Nokia N8 range is to be, believe it or not, pink.

This is somewhat tragic news to some of us, especially those of us that were hoping to see our favourite colour become part of the amazing phones range – it can only be assumed that Nokia are aiming this colour, obviously, at the female population – unless of course there’s a few men out there that particularly like the colour.

Is this the final colour to be part of the range, or will Nokia deliver new colours to us at a later date? I guess only Nokia know the answer to this one. I don’t know about you but i was personally eagerly anticipating a red Nokia N8 as it looks rather stunning and eye catching in the mock-ups as you can see here – oh well, not to worry, all the would-be women photographers out there now have a wonderful new and very bright, pink phone to purchase.

If you were waiting for another colour, which one were you waiting for? Myself, i was waiting or red.