Push N8 project

Push N8 Project Update

The guys over at Push N8 have been working hard to get the projects up and running and to show us just exactly what the Nokia N8 and peoples imagination is capable of. If you’re not sure what the Push N8 project is, it’s a project where a team of Nokia staff inspire with their mobile phone hacking and modding ideas in different locations around the world, get lots of other people involved along the way – turning peoples ideas in to reality.

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Earlier in the year we written a small post regarding the Nokia Push teams kite flying project. There have been 8 different teams working on 8 different projects, all of which have oodles of imagination and flare added to the mix, some of these people really did have clever ideas to work on – their final films are almost ready to be let loose.

The team have came up with a great new Push N8 film, called the Long Distance SKATE. This project has involved a group of skateboarders and filmmakers from London, who have set out to show what true brilliance can be created with technology, their imagination unrivalled. With their prototypes ready, two skaters will battle against each other in an attempt to out-skill one another with all sorts of tricks – player 1 will be based in London, the other in Paris.

Still not had enough of skating? Check out Paint SKATE, which is a totally different project to that of Long Distance Skate and involves a whole different team of people, using the Push N8 prototype to take skating to the next level – think of Tony Hawks, but rather than playing it on a video game, it’s real life.

The video below was created by a group of amateur skateboarders and filmmakers, much like Long Distance SKATE, however this is an artistic take on a skate video. There are two players, both playing a game of HORSE, or rather in this case, SKATE, battling to beat the other.

Okay, so you may just think it’s just a video with a nice effect and people doing a few tricks? Well, the genius SKATE prototype is actually keeping track of each players score, scoring them on their tricks.

If you’re not well versed with the project, what Push N8 is or why they even do it, why not take a look over at their Push N8 blog to find out more information.