Real Golf 2011 HD for Nokia N8

Real Golf 2011 HD free on Nokia N8

Real Golf 2011 HD is now available for free, on the Nokia N8 mobile phone. If you want to play golf with the best golfers out there, you need the best game possible. You will join Lee Westwood, Sergio Garcia and many more of golfs elite players on 7 epic courses from around the world for a vibrant golfing experience.

You can choose between touch-based or classic controls, giving you more precision based on your preferences.

If you’re looking for a golf game that you can participate in tournaments in then you may be disappointed. This game is purely about you the golfing experience, the course and the conditions, battling for supremacy.

There is a ‘Leaderboard’ high score table, which shows the lowest rounds across the world on each of the eight stunning courses – try your best to come in under par against the best players. Whilst this is just great to have in the game, little things like the lack of spectators on the courses to cheer you on – let it down.

The graphics in Real Golf 2011 HD aren’t too bad, but, considering other titles and their finished products where graphics are concerned, they could definitely be better. For example, the trees appear only as 2D bitmap images, making the overall look of the game a little cheap and short cut.

Real Golf 2011 HD for the Nokia N8 has two main game modes; Instant, which you are assigned five random holes fro, the various courses on offer, and also Tournament, which is is the ‘main event’ – you must try and go around the holes in as few shots possible.

In all, for a free game, Real Golf 2011 HD is a definite must-have, especially if you’re naturally in to the golf simulation games.

Price: FREE
Download: Real Golf 2011 HD for Nokia N8