Call recorder for Nokia N8

Record calls on the Nokia N8

If you are wanting to record a phone call on your Nokia N8, for whatever reason that may be, now you can thanks to a neat little app that does the trick. The app is available with a 15-day free trial, so you can try out the full functionality of the app without any limits.

It’s fully a customizable call recording application with rules, which enables you to pre-define how the app works for saving conversation for incoming/outgoing phone calls and from known or unknown telephone numbers. It’s very easy to use and isn’t ‘in your face’ – a handy application.


* “No beep” recording option;
* Automatic recording of voice calls, optionally limited or unlimited in time;
* User defined storage memory for recorded conversations;
* Custom rules allowing to automate call recording for different phone numbers and call directions;
* Small memory and battery usage;
* Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface.

You may be thinking ‘but when will i ever use this application’; if so, then circumstances such as the following would make it very useful. Let’s say you are having a dispute with your mobile phone company and they are making promises which they continually do not keep; simply use this application and record all of your telephone conversations – it could be handy if a situation every lands in court.

I once had an issue with a mobile company, as someone took out an iPhone 4 in my name – i made repeated calls to the company concerned, they made promises to “escalate the case” (meaning someone else up the chain of the company will deal with the issue) and each time i called them in future, they dismissed having any knowledge of supposedly ‘escalating the case’.

Had i recorded the telephone calls to and from this company, i would of kept proof of supposed action – which would of come in very handy in any potential court action against said company.

In which cases would you use this app? Use the download link below for a free 15-day trial, after this period you will have to subscribe to the service as explained on the link below.

Price: Free 15-day trial / $9.95
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