Nokia N8 photo editor

Shoot video at 30 FPS on Nokia N8

On the new Nokia N8, the camera shoots videos at 25 FPS out the box; however it has been the centre of a hacking master piece earlier in the week by someone known as hyperX – so it can now shoot at 30 FPS, that’s a fair amount of improvement in such early stages of the Nokia N8 release.

The person who hacked the Nokia N8, hyperX, has released his modification as a downloadable application – allowing you to shoot in 30 FPS too. Not only that, but the actual quality of your photo’s will be better due to the better compression used by the mod.

Here is a comparison image so you can see for yourself the difference between the standard compressed image vs the modded 30 FPS and 100% quality image (click image for full quality).

If you want to get your hands on this mod, then you can download it by clicking here – though it’s worth noting, if you really want to use this mod you will be required to ‘sign’ the .sis file. Don’t know how to sign a .sis file? Read the simple tutorial, which can be found here;

If you try this hack out, please let us know how it worked out for you and if the difference is actually that noticeable.