Snake for Nokia N8

Snake for Nokia N8

Yep, that’s right, the much loved game, Snake, is now available to play right from your Nokia N8 mobile phone. Almost everyone of us who had a phone 8 or more years ago will remember the game Snake, which if you were like me, would spend hours upon hours trying to beat your friends high scores and become the king of Snake.

The game was first available on devices such as the Nokia 3310, but as time has gone on and technology in mobile phones advanced, the game pretty much became obsolete due to its lack of use in the newer phone models. The idea of the game is to go around obstacles (or not, you decide) and collect the ‘food’ that is shown on-screen and that, in turn, will make your snake bigger and harder to manage.

If you’re a fan of Snake and want some old school nostalgia back in your life then take a look at the link below to download the game. Though this isn’t an official game from Nokia, it is just like the old game, but created by another developer.

You get 30 exciting levels in the classic design on your Nokia N8 and can challenge other players for the highest online scores. Not only that, but you can use the phones built-in touchscreen support to direct your snake to your desired location.

Price: €1.50 / £1.50
Download: Snake for Nokia N8