Snaptu for Nokia N8

Snaptu all in one app for Nokia N8

Snaptu is an application that integrates many of your favourite social networks and other amenities, all within the same application. Having to manage many different apps that take up space and not to mention slow down your phone, can be quite an annoyance.

With Snaptu you have applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, News, Weather, Sports, Moves and much more – all in one easy to use application. Instead of cramming your Nokia N8 full of all of these single applications, you can have them all, which also saves battery, space and speed things up a bit.

The application is a very powerful tool that will keep your N8 running at a nifty speed however it does have its downsides, like most applications these days. The single biggest issue, seems to be with Flickr, which doesn’t work as intended; however this will, or rather should, be fixed in an upcoming fix for the application.

The Facebook application has its flaws too, which come in the form of a none-existant notification system and the lack of ability to upload photos via the app. This is a shame, though most applications do have a few flaws, especially if you consider some of the many applications in the iPhone app store for example.

Download: Snaptu for Nokia N8 @ Ovi Store

If you download this app, let us know what you think of it.