Social 1.3 update for Nokia N8

Social update 1.3 for Nokia N8

Finally, an update for the Social application on the Nokia N8 has been released – it comes with a few great new features and possibly a few bugfixes (but these haven’t been made publicly known, if there were any). Social version 1.3 is available to download, all you need to do is open the Social app and agree to download the update – simple.

New Facebook Features

Now you can add a caption when sharing pictures from your Nokia N8 camera
Higher resolution picture uploads – upload up to 4MB, keeping your pictures sharp and clear

New Twitter Features

We’ve just downloaded the update moments after it became available and we think it’s great, but what do you guys think of the update, is it as good as it sounds? We personally love it and look forward to future updates as promised by the Social team.